ILS is a provider of transport services in the General Cargo System business, individual and complex logistics solutions. With a young dynamic team that evolves into modern solution in any kind of logistics transport. We can say that ILS is a company that makes a difference. Our staff's exceptional team spirit and commitment are the secrets of our worldwide success - and these elements of our corporate culture directly benefit our clients. Our expertise and our willingness to exceed our clients' expectations have helped us to become a well-established provider of transport and logistics services. Our global expansion has always been based on a simple maxim. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Everything we do has to be in line with this statement. We know that satisfaction is the result of client perception minus expectations. Keeping this balance positive at all times is our aim in our daily work.

Ethics: Integrity, Honesty, and Fairness are core values of our company
Excellence: We established high standards and strive to improve our crop.
Fair Return: We earn a return that corresponds fairly to the value we deliver.
Work Environment: We encourage openness, teamwork, trust and mutual respect

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