ILS offers solutions to huge construction firms, to be their contracting support of their logistics requirement. We consider that to expedite production, the Availability of materials is needed on schedule. We offer them no hassle free. Providing and facilitating the transportation of their construction vehicles (Excavator, Backhoe, and Bulldozer) and materials to their construction site.

Reducing the procurement and delivery times and thereby the inventory and expenses of our customers. This is how ILS handles the situation. Giving the ideas on how they can transport easily those materials from warehouse to the site, with the help of our professional and determining logistic design. We keep our clients satisfied and their costs under control. To minimize travel period shorter lead times, higher quality and additional services require innovative ideas and practical solutions.

We become an extension of your business. We make sure that we comprehend the scope of your industry, to anticipate requirements for transport. Provide advanced customer service and quality.

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